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I am an exhibit designer. I own and operate a exhibit production company in Las Vegas, XL Exhibit Production. My education background are in the field of economics and law from University of California, Riverside (a fantastic university by the way, the school had given me everything in life). After graduation I was thrown into the world of exhibit designing by my father. He is a designer himself. I was reluctant at first. After my first completed project, I felt a connection and sense of completeness like I have never felt before. The connection made between beauty and practicality allowed me to see the world in a different lense. I have been dedicated in exhibit production ever since. Well that is a brief story of how I became me.

10 Things To Consider Before Designing A Trade Show Stand

  • Budget. First thing first, find out what your or your budget is and always have that in mind.
  • Show Location. The location of the show plays a big part in design concepts. There should be a dramatic difference between designing a show in Dubai vs. Las Vegas.
  • Audience. Is the general attendees more for the industry experts that wants to get straight to the product, or are they more for public that require more of a flair. Make sure to know the audience before even coming up with a design.
  • Company Information. The space is not for you to show off your artistic creativity, but it is to serve a point. Finding out what needs to be the center of attention is crucial.
  •  Booth Space. Often doing a space survey is not an option for designers. It is best to find pictures, or even floor plans, of the venue. Space needs to be designed to hide or blend into the environment.
  • Booth Structure. There are various kinds of booth structures out there. From aluminum to fully custom structure, each has their own technical difficulties. So make sure to do your research.
  •  Show Management. Show management’s each has their own rules and regulations, make sure you have the proper documentations for your show.
  • Logistics. Find an experienced logistic company for your trade show shipping needs. Make sure to ask whether they have done the show before.
  • Product Dimensions. Get the dimensions and weights for the products that are on display (if applicable). There are companies that are service based company that don’t have products, ask if they have marketing materials they want to display.
  • Supplier. Search for a capable manufacturer for your booth’s design, they will often have more technical advices and suggestions for your design.


Flooring element I believe is one of the most under valued element in a booth design. An excellent booth design not only has to consider the visual elements of the structure, but also take in the consideration of all the other senses. A proper booth design must consider the fact that it is not a one-dimensional interaction, but an immersive experience.

credit to Exhibit City News

Flooring can add the needed texture and at times could provides necessary reflective surface for lighting.

I have seen designer that uses vertical structures (walls, partitions, drapes, etc), to create clear define space for the space. The vertical structures creates a visual disconnect between attendees and the products. Instead consider flooring treatments that could define the space without building a fence around the space.



Let The Journey Begin.

This blog is to capture and encapsulate my take on the world of design. I design trade show booths for a living. Due to my job, I get to have the opportunity to tour around the show as it starts. I would often find many inspiring products and structure designs in these places.

So this blog is where I could treasure my findings and share these elements with the world.